Watch TC09 – What a wonderful way to celebrate the last day of school. Year 12 Toorak College 2009

I’ve just visited Jenny Luca’s blog to look at her school’s video put together by the Year 12 students to celebrate their last school day of Year 12. We hear so many negative reports about ‘muck up’ day, well, take a look at the video the students put together. Their video is amazing, clever and reflects the talent of young people.  In terms of technology these students could be our teachers.

Cheers Nina Congratulations to Toorak College’s Year 12, 2009.


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2 responses to “Watch TC09 – What a wonderful way to celebrate the last day of school. Year 12 Toorak College 2009

  1. Liz Rule

    As a Toorak College “old girl” who completed Year 12 in 1988, way before these clever girls were even born, I was thrilled to learn of this site on You Tube. I absolutely LOVED watching the camera pan through my old high school, and it brought a few tears of nostalgia to my smiling face as I watched the clip from Singapore – where I now live. CONGRATULATIONS on capturing such a special and exciting spirit in this clip. It was the same spirit we all felt on our last day in 1988. What wonderful times – they never come again, so keep your memories close to you. Congratulations to the graduates of TC 2009. I wonder what you will all be doing in 21 years. Best Wishes, Liz Rule class of ’88.

    • averil2

      Hi Liz,
      When I saw this I just had to post it. I saw it on Lucacept (blog) which Jenny Luca, a teacher at TC writes. She posts fantastic reports of what the students are up to within her blog. ‘Ah’ and I’m an old girl too. I started at Toorak in Year 7, 1973 and my daughter finished Year 12 at TC in 2007. Quite a lot of history there. I’m still friends with some of the girls from my years at TC. Had a great time at my 30th reunion as well. We couldn’t believe it was 30 years and I was amazed by how little people had really changed. Jack’s Bar will never be the same!
      Cheers Nina

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