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It took EIGHT to get going! Cengage Presentations…you grow as you go


This term I completed eight presentations for Cengage and it took EIGHT! Each presentation improved as my knowledge and understanding grew. Anyone who reads my blog knows I’m a constructivist and it takes a constructivist to be a presenter!

Feedback is a powerful teacher and the more constructive the better. It’s like any learning experience, you grow as you go. The difference between presentation 1 and 8 is measurable but that’s what learning does and should do!

I met some incredible educators and thank them not only for their attendance but for their enthusiasm at the end of a long teaching day! If I can show something that can expedite assessment and provide ongoing recommendations for future learning around a student’s point of need, educators listen. If I can talk about comprehension and show Cengage reading materials which are differentiated for students’ ability, beautifully presented, rich in content and have multiple copies I’m going to.

I want all students to have quality reading material which is engaging, current and cost effective for schools. Have a look and do the maths!

Cheers Nina

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Revisiting ‘Read Aloud’…. Is this another ‘not talked’ about gem?

I’ve been revisiting the ‘Read Aloud’ strategy and I think I’ve missed understanding the rigor involved in using this strategy to its full potential. I’m working on a post at the moment and think this strategy could improve comprehension significantly.

Cheers Nina – It will be up soon.

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