Comprehension: A 4 Part Diorama – Three Little Pigs or Little Red Riding Hood

One of our Prep classrooms was working on comprehension dioramas and I knew I had to make these with my students. The children have been engaged in narratives and are loving this task. Young children need to be able to demonstrate their understanding in a variety of ways and having opportunities to create is important. Writing a narrative is our genre focus along with comprehension.

The narrative has a beginning, middle, end, problem and resolution. Using a fairy tale works well beacause the children are familiar with the story and this is important. They were read two stories and were able to choose which story they liked best.

The first task was to complete a story map. The map is used by students to guide their diorama. The children will use their diorama to retell the fairy tale to a peer and then to the grade. Identifying the problem and resolution will help my students format and write their own simple narratives.

Cheers Nina


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8 responses to “Comprehension: A 4 Part Diorama – Three Little Pigs or Little Red Riding Hood

  1. Can I also ask – I am in the process of beginning narratives with my 5 year olds. Can you give me any pointers please for the best way to introduce this? Thanks ;-))

    • nina davis

      Hi Karrie, I use the PM Big Books to introduce genres to the children. Then a checklist is made with the help of the students. We then read lots of short narratives looking for each part of the genre structure. The PM Big Books are wonderful. I would find it difficult to introduce a genre without them. Go to the PM website and take a look, also look in your school. Hope this helps! Cheers Nina – also read other post I’ve written.

  2. Kristen

    Hello Nina, I would like to make the dioramas with my students but am not sure how to put them together. What paper did the students create each side on?


    • nina davis

      Hi Kristen,
      This isn’t easy to explain. You need 3 separate pieces of paper. Fold and cut to make a triangular shape. Make 3 and stick together. 🙂 Maybe I should send a photo. Please send email.
      Cheers Nina

  3. Rebecca

    How did you make these?

  4. Annemarie

    Hi again Nina, I just had to tell you that I have made the dioramas with my 5 year old boys and they absolutely loved them! My class is very challenging but every child was engaged in some way. We are showing them at our next assembly. thank you again.

  5. Annemarie

    I love these dioramas! I’m doing Aboriginal Dreaming stories and thought I would use this idea with my Reception class. Thanks for sharing. Annemarie

    • nina davis

      Hi Annemarie,
      Thanks for the comment. They are just beautiful! My students are so proud of their work and keep asking when they can take them home. They’re hanging in the classroom and look gorgeous. I’ll have to give them up soon…
      Cheers Nina

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