One Teacher’s Perspective: Australian Ski Resort Review- Thredbo is all Go!

Something different… THREDBO!

This has been my winter on the slopes. I’ve skied a number of mountains in Victoria this year… but last week I had the opportunity to take a week Long Service Leave and ski the Thredbo Resort in New South Wales, Australia for the first time. How could I have got to my age and not been to Thredbo?

Driving into Thredbo was breathtaking. From the village you look up at the mountain and runs. In the early evening the groomers start and can be watched through the night. On Saturday night fireworks light up the night sky and a snake of lights weave their way down the mountain.

What an amazing mountain! Wonderful long groomed runs from top to bottom of the mountain and crowds spread out meaning very few lift queues. Cruising slopes without having to worry about collisions and knowing that the grooming has been completed to perfection is refreshing. The Thredbo Resort Management knows how to look after their mountain and therefore the skiers.

Great weather at the beginning of the week enabled me to have a close look at this beautiful mountain. The terrain is varied with plenty of variety to cater for all skier levels. The Ski School has its own space with many attractions for young children. The staff are well looked after within the organisation and happy to share their mountain. As the wind picked up later in the week, skiers were able to find protected areas to ski.

Skiing the Golf Course area was a highlight, tricky and nicely challenging and for those skiers who enjoy off piste the back country at Thredbo is amazing. I was able to view the terrain from the top of the mountain.

So Thredbo, I’ll be back again and as a Victorian skier that’s difficult to type. Thanks for the great week! And thank you to the mountain staff who work hard to ensure visitors to Thredbo have a great time on and off the slopes!

Cheers Nina


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3 responses to “One Teacher’s Perspective: Australian Ski Resort Review- Thredbo is all Go!

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  2. Trevor

    Love the report and photo’s.

    A great week’s skiing, lets do it again next year 🙂

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