August Writing: Scaffolding-Using the PM Exemplar Big Book is supporting my students.

We’ve been looking at the structure of a Recount using the PM Exemplar Big Book, and it’s really helping my 5&6 year olds develop their ideas and sequence events. When you look at these samples, some have written a title, made a good attempt at  sequencing and added a personal comment at the end.  I’m very pleased with their writing, and more importantly their love of writing. I’ve got to remember that these are young writers in their first year of formal education in Australia. This is independent writing. 

Cheers Nina


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7 responses to “August Writing: Scaffolding-Using the PM Exemplar Big Book is supporting my students.

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  2. Yes you have made a good work by sharing this screen shots..i feel i need to get this book for my children..thanks a lot for sharing!

  3. averil2

    Hi J,
    Thanks for commenting. Teacher Led Interactive Writing is great, and I group children according to learning needs for this. I use mixed ability and ability groupings for Student Led Interactive Writing depending on the focus. My children aren’t aware of this. This is great for extending children, however, I have found mixed ability grouping is great as well.
    I have taught the children to prompt, and it’s rewarding to see the children helping each other, and using taught strategies to do so. I’m always impressed by the way they take time and great care with each other when prompting. It’s a great skill for all learners.
    I like to have the children working at a table. All infront of the table and no seats. I use large sheets to help this. It’s about taking turns, collaboration and using space. It’s been an interesting journey for some of my students, but I have found these skills transfer to other learning situations.
    Having more confident writers write a sentence each instead of a word works well. They have to negotiate as a group and think about what they are going to write. Listening to their discussions about their writing helps me plan the next phase.
    I’m going to investigate the easi-speak microphone and try and find where I can get a ‘talkin lid’. I really love these ideas and I know my students would engage with this. Thanks for sharing. One of the great things about having a blog is that people share their ideas with me and other people read the comments as well. It’s amazing how helpful the internet is and how limited I was before. I read some wonderful blogs.
    Once again thanks for commenting and keep in contact. I’d love to know more about what you’re doing.
    Cheers Nina

  4. jdowling

    Hi Nina ,
    I just had to jump on and make a comment as I am intrigued by your idea of student led interactive writing. I spent several hours last night trawling through your previous posts in an attempt to glean the full picture (you may have noticed your blog hits increase rapidly at that time!). I am yet to attempt this with my Kindergarten class but am definitely keen to give it a go! Our current model of interactive writing is teacher led with a focus on `sharing the pen’ then the children return to complete their own piece of writing. I can see how your model would scaffold and support those children requiring extra support but what about those writers that you are aiming to extend? What do you find works best in grouping the children? Also do you find that the children work well at tables doing this writing or is it better when they can find a space on the floor?
    As for the comment posted by James – I also like the idea of the talking lids and would be interested to hear some of the ideas for use that James might have! I could only find the UK site too but will keep looking and let you know if I locate one within Australia (I am in NSW). I currently have an easi -speak microphone which I use in my class which is a great little piece of equipment. You can record direclty onto the microphone and then playback or download onto the computer as an MP3 file. The quality of the recording is great. I have recently attached recordings of the children reading their writing to an image of the writing and associated artwork (just like yours really!). Just another option to look at.
    Looking forward to hearing more of your adventures,

  5. james ramage

    Great writing samples Nina, you’ve got some talented prep writers

    I posted a comment on one of your old blogs the other day -it was on your page titled

    ‘The PD Student Led Interactive Writing Approach’ developed by Nina Davis

    I wondered if you had a chance to read it yet? I would be interested to dialogue with you.
    cheers james

    • averil2

      Hi James,
      Thanks for commenting and I have read your other comment. I was going to get back to you. I’ve been trying to track down ‘talking tin lids’ in Australia, as I can only find a UK order site. I absolutely love the idea and can see huge potential for this. Voki is good too but they have to type their writing into the program.
      My preps’ writing is developing well and I can see rapid progress by many. It’s all falling into place. Their reading is also progressing well.
      We’re doing lots of different pieces of writing. Journals are very safe, so I like to provide many different writing sessions which move them into the challenge zone. I’ve been talking about learning zones/ practise zones and asking them to tell me where each activity sits foir them individually. I’m enjoying the feedback and it’s helping me shape my program. I love their honesty!
      I use Teacher Led Interactive Writing, but have found Student Led really powerful. I try and have a Teacher Led group while the other children are involved in student led. This works well, however, it takes a while to build up to this.
      These samples are a fair representation of the grade. I have some other wonderful writers, but not the permission needed to publish here. Once again thanks for commenting and keep in contact. I’d love to hear what your students are doing.
      Cheers Nina

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