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The Cognitive Taxonomy Circle – A great visual support for planning for deeper levels of thinking (teaching & learning)

This was shared in another forum and I thought it would be worth sharing here. It’s a great visual planning diagram to view when thinking and planning opportunities for our students to develop deeper levels of thinking. The diagram identifies the activities and products related to Remembering, Applying, Analysing, Creating and Evaluating. Follow the link below the image.

Click and Link :  Cognitive Taxonomy Circle

Mastering Low-Level Content from Scott McLeod on Vimeo.

Excellent short video on Bloom’s Taxonomy: link above

Cheers Nina

P.S Julie, Rachael and Ebony – from the Northern suburbs. Thanks for emailing! Still working on the post to answer your questions.

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The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme – Unpacking attitudes with Australian 5 & 6 Year Olds.

Unpacking the International Baccalaureate Learner Profile and attitudes with Prep children (5 and some 6 Year Olds) is ongoing. I’ve been using all opportunities within and outside the Programme of Inquiry to unpack the Learner Profile and attitudes in context. Young children need context to ensure meaning.

This week we have had Kym Lardner, an Australian author visit our students. I have been introducing Kym’s stories to the children. Kym’s books relate well to the Learner profile and attitudes. Our favourite book is The Naked Penguin. This story is about accepting difference.

Linking the Learner Profile: Risk Takers, Caring, Open-minded, Thinkers
Linking the Attitudes: Respect, Tolerance, Empathy and Appreciation

After reading this story many times, the children and I selected the attitudes related to this story. They could relate these attitudes to the text. I’m impressed! We’ve been talking and living these attitudes for a while. It takes time to unpack these. My Preps are starting the second semester of their first year of formal education. They are young learners, but very capable.

I’ve selected a range of student’s writing in response to a quote from the story.

Quote: ‘Though you are different, you are not less.’

The IB PYP extends children’s thinking, encourages children to ‘go deep’ and I believe leads to improved student learning. Please read the selected responses.

Cheers Nina


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What is Differentiated Instruction?

Rick Wormeli: Keynote on RTI and DI at the CLMS Annual Conference, Feb. 26-28, 2010, in Sacramento. This is an excellent clip to show your school staff. Rick answers the questions teachers are asking. This is a ‘must watch’ clip! So what is differentiated instruction?

Visit the Instructional Rounds ning, go to videos and view Rick Wormeli’s clip. It’s worth the visit.

Cheers Nina


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