Where can I purchase this? The Question Beach Ball…

I was recently part of an Instructional Round at a local school and I saw this question beach ball. I have question dice which are great, but I can see the children playing Silent Ball with the Question Beach Ball. If you know where I can purchase the beach ball could you please let me know.

Cheers Nina


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6 responses to “Where can I purchase this? The Question Beach Ball…

  1. Trish Byrne

    of course another option is to use a permanent marker on a normal beach ball and write your own.

  2. Nicole Byrne

    Hi Nina, I purchased the ball and the cubes on EBay. They are great!



    • nina davis

      Hi Nicole,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I love the dice, but the beach ball is a ‘must have’. I’ll check out eBay as well.
      Cheers Nina

  3. Linette Walker

    Hi Nina I think your beach ball is the one that you can buy here in Brisbane from a company called EDSCO. They ship interstate. Here is the link to the catalogue page. http://www.edsco.com.au/products/product/CD-1050?


    • nina davis

      Hi Linette,
      Thanks for the comment and link to the catalogue page. That is fantastic.! I was hoping someone would know. Have a great week and once again thank you.
      Cheers Nina

  4. Marianne Spiranovic

    Hello Nina,
    Here are two sources for the Guided Reading Beach Balls:

    I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank you for the wonderful information contained in your blog. I have shown your blog in PLT meetings and have also spoken about the work you are doing at network meetings. Well done!

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