Term 3 – Week 7 Independent Writing: Genre – Recount (5/6 Year Old Prep Students – Australia)

The PM Exemplars for Teaching Writing (Big Books) underpin my writing program. I use these exemplars to support and scaffold my student’s composition development. Young writers need structure when extending their written texts. My student’s often hear me say, ‘tell me more’. I’m very
pleased with my student’s writing and reading development, but most importantly I enjoy their enthusiasm for learning. The samples displayed within this post are examples of independent recount writing.

Cheers Nina


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4 responses to “Term 3 – Week 7 Independent Writing: Genre – Recount (5/6 Year Old Prep Students – Australia)

  1. nina davis

    Hi Sue,
    What a busy year, but I think I say that every year. Love the Julia Donaldson stories, and so pleased you introduced them to me. I’m convinced that collaborative learning strategies accellerate development in all areas – learning and social.
    My group are wonderful AND I’m so pleased with their development in all areas. I’m using collaborative strategies for numeracy as well. The children are explaining their learning via Student Led Interactive Writing. To articulate, collaborate and reflect using PrepD Student Led Interactive writing is great – named the strategy after my grade. Good for displays as well. Sort of like a ‘think board’ but better.
    The PM Exemplars are wonderful, and I’ve recommended their use whenever I can. It seems so long since your visit! And thank you for your kind words – inspiration (wow).
    Lets keep in contact. I might be able to visit you… I’ll get back.
    Cheers Nina
    P.S Using dotted thirds. Have you staged the use of books? Continuum – plain paper – scrap book – wide lines book – dotted thirds book. Works well… something to consider when making book list. Nearly that time of year AGAIN!

  2. Sue

    Hi Nina, How are you?
    It has been such a long time since I have had a chance to comment on your fantastic work with your wonderful group of kids. Since our visit and my return to Prep routines, I have purchased the PM writing exemplars and almost all the preps are ‘flying high’ on writing. These PM books are everybit as good as you recommended. Interactive Writing is now a weekly request from the children. What day are we doing it? Can we do it again? They just love it and even more so when they know that other staff members are now visiting to see the process in action and watch just how well they all work together. They are so engaged, excited and enthusiastic thinking of new opportunities to write even more. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration. I so enjoy reading your achievements in your blog. Love that timer too!!I have used it very successfully for the past 2 years to address a variety of special needs in the junior classes.
    I am still exploring Julia Donaldson stories as I introduce rhyme for my next focus. The Gruffalo is an obvious choice. So glad your students liked The Troll too. Thanks again for sharing.
    Much Appreciated.

  3. nina davis

    Hi Carmen,
    I’ve been using the PM Exemplars for some time and they’re now such a big part of my teaching focus. I’ve written many posts about their use and have been loaned the complete set by Cengage Publishing to use in my classroom.
    My school now has purchased and uses the exemplars at every grade level. Using a common language / resource across the school is beneficial. I use the Emergent / Emergent Plus at the beginning of the year and extend to One and I’ll be introducing One Plus this term.
    And thanks for commenting. It is always appreciated.
    Cheers Nina

  4. Nina, it’s great to see the writing your students are able to produce. You must be so excited for them. Students love to feel success and by giving them the right ‘tools’ and models to follow, they can feel more confident about ‘having a go’. I have just purchased the PM Exemplars for one of the schools I am working in. I’m excited about how this resource will help the teachers I work with to get more out of their student writing.
    Keep up the great posts! Thanks.

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