It’s not ‘glossy’, but it’s theirs… Language Experience ‘Big Books’ and ‘little books’!

Today Jacinta ( 4th year university teaching student ) took her Interactive Writing lesson to the next level. She made a ‘little book’ from their writing to be used in reading groups and for home reading. This time pictures were provided to support the student’s text. The children are still illustrating their ‘little book’  about our scientist visit where ‘pictures supporting text’ was a focus.

To support the children Jacinta made their little book into a ‘Big Book’ for big book reading.  Constructing a book from their writing reinforces the concept that writing is ‘talk’ written down.

Language Experience

‘What I can think about, I can talk about.

What I can say, I can write.

What I can write, I can read.

I can read what I can write and what other people can write for me to read.’




Cheer Nina

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