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Wiki – aholic: A lesson with my mentor – Jenny Luca!

Today I met with Jenny Luca to learn how to set up a wiki and work it properly. Why? The more I’ve seen and heard, the more I’ve realised what an excellent space this would be as a resource for our Literacy Professional Learning Team. It can house the minutes of our meetings, project information, links to other resources and will be accessible to all staff who join the wiki. This will save paper, e-mailing and provide the opportunity for others to add to the space. It’s set as private, but can be controlled by elected organisers.

I see great potential for this wiki as a genuine resource space for this team. I’m amazed at how far I’ve come on my Web 2.0 adventure. I’m learning quickly, have command of the vocabulary, am familliar with most tools and… I’m not afraid to take risks. That sounds like the learning behaviors we want young children to experience!  

We’ve been on holidays in Victoria, Australia and return to school next Monday. I’m looking forward to introducing the wiki to the literacy team and I’m hoping they’ll ‘give it a go’ and take this as an opportunity to learn something new.  Thank you Jenny for your fantastic mentoring!


Normandy, France: A lovely little hotel I stayed at! – April 2009.   Cheers Nina


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