The Story of a 2009 Cluster Map! Time to move on…

I’ve recently received an email notifying me that my Cluster Map is going to be archived. Ah! I love my map because it shows where people who visit my blog live in the world. It lists the countries and although the map ‘hits’ data doesn’t actually match my statistics, I’ve enjoyed looking at my map develop.

I remember having the same conversation with Jenny Luca last year about her Cluster Map and not really understand her loss. Well, I understand now. Recently I told Jenny that it was happening to me and she said, ‘you get over it!’  That’s comforting… I can change the ‘url’ to keep my map, but as I can’t understand the instructions I’m going to let my map go and ‘suck it up’. Hmm!

So I can always remember my 2009 map, I’ve taken some photos of it to include in this post. This is my way of knowing that I can always visit and see my journey.

Cheers Nina


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4 responses to “The Story of a 2009 Cluster Map! Time to move on…

  1. Kim

    Hi Nina

    Oh dear! That will happen to our Clustr Map on our blog too in March!!! The kids at school will be devastated because they regularly check it for visitors…I’d better start letting them know what will happen. We also use feedjit so that will keep our ongoing visitor stats I hope!

    By the way, congratulations on a great blog that really captures life at the coalface in the classroom. You share so many practical ideas! I’m going to recommend your blog to our Junior teachers when school resumes this year.

    Enjoy your holidays…

    Kim 🙂

    • averil2

      Hi Kim,
      Thanks for the kind words. The Cluster Map Team have commented on my post, upgraded me and given me instructions and a link. You can imagine how pleased I was to get their comment. Read their comment on my post and see if that helps you. The Cluster Map is such a visual reminder that the web is truly global. It facinates me that some teacher is sitting at their computer in some remote place in the world reading my posts.
      Cheers Nina

  2. Hi – thanks for being such a loyal ClustrMaps user, and for your comments.

    To ‘ease the pain’ (so to speak), we have just upgraded you to ClustrMaps+ status at no charge, which means
    a) better zoomed-in continent maps
    b) no more ads
    c) archive of all your old full-size maps, which means that by clicking on the ‘Maps archive’ link above the full-size world map you will always be able to retrieve the old maps like the one you have shown in your screen snapshot above.

    Also, when the map is archived, you can place a copy of an image of your old map on the right hand side of your blog if you want to remind people, or by linking to it with a direct link to your Map Archive. Let us know if you would like some advice or assistance about how to achieve that.

    Many thanks again for your continued support.

    All the best,

    -CJ on behalf of the ClustrMaps Team
    ***DON’T FORGET: you can choose much nicer map styles on the Admin page (see ‘Map styles’ tab on the right). All users are eligible, although ClustrMaps+ users have a larger range of shadings, dot colours, labels and languages … see some representative examples here:

    • averil2

      Hi Cluster Map Team,
      A big thank you for commenting on my post. I am continually amazed by the generosity I find on the web. It may be people sharing with me, supporting what I do or upgrading me like you have. I will follow the instructions you have outlined.
      Once again a sincere thank you from me.
      Cheers Nina

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