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The Story of a 2009 Cluster Map! Time to move on…

I’ve recently received an email notifying me that my Cluster Map is going to be archived. Ah! I love my map because it shows where people who visit my blog live in the world. It lists the countries and although the map ‘hits’ data doesn’t actually match my statistics, I’ve enjoyed looking at my map develop.

I remember having the same conversation with Jenny Luca last year about her Cluster Map and not really understand her loss. Well, I understand now. Recently I told Jenny that it was happening to me and she said, ‘you get over it!’  That’s comforting… I can change the ‘url’ to keep my map, but as I can’t understand the instructions I’m going to let my map go and ‘suck it up’. Hmm!

So I can always remember my 2009 map, I’ve taken some photos of it to include in this post. This is my way of knowing that I can always visit and see my journey.

Cheers Nina


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