Daily Archives: September 30, 2009

Wow! A link to me in another blog – Angela Stockman’s post: The Connected Literacy Coach

This is exciting for me… I’ve been reading Angela Stockman’s blog  for quite a while and have always come away having learnt something new. Today I read her new post – The Connected Literacy Coach and below was my name as a link to my blog. I’ve been identified as a thinker, and apart from feeling quite humble, I’m so pleased. I’d rather be a ‘thinker’, explorer and learner than an ‘expert’ anytime. Take a look if you have time- follow this link to Angela’s blog post – The Connected Literacy Coach.

Cheers Nina

P.S. I’ve just followed the links to other ‘thinkers’  identified by Angela … certainly worth your time bookmarking them all.


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