Wow! A link to me in another blog – Angela Stockman’s post: The Connected Literacy Coach

This is exciting for me… I’ve been reading Angela Stockman’s blog  for quite a while and have always come away having learnt something new. Today I read her new post – The Connected Literacy Coach and below was my name as a link to my blog. I’ve been identified as a thinker, and apart from feeling quite humble, I’m so pleased. I’d rather be a ‘thinker’, explorer and learner than an ‘expert’ anytime. Take a look if you have time- follow this link to Angela’s blog post – The Connected Literacy Coach.

Cheers Nina

P.S. I’ve just followed the links to other ‘thinkers’  identified by Angela … certainly worth your time bookmarking them all.


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2 responses to “Wow! A link to me in another blog – Angela Stockman’s post: The Connected Literacy Coach

  1. So interesting that you mention this, Nina. Today, I was doing some work with my professional learning community, and our facilitator had just finished surveying students about what they felt the difference was between being a learner and a student. They determined that in order to be a learner, they had to “not know” something fully and be interested in pursuing questions around it. The kids said that being a student was simply about doing what was expected and that it didn’t necessitate learning. I thought this was brilliant, and it reminded me of why those I connect to online are so important to me. I’ve spent a lot of time being a student in this life…’s here that I get to be a learner.

    • averil2

      I have asked this same question. It makes the children realise that learning isn’t confined to a classroom and something you just do at school. The whole concept of ‘life long learning’ starts to develop. That’s why I’m sure planned ‘Inquiry Learning’ engages kids. Within the context of the inquiry, there are opportunities for the kids to explore their own interests. You can actually see these children change from students to learners. Learners take responsibility and self direct. Being a student can be like ‘waiting to be fed’. That might be one of those big statements I sometimes make. I’m a learner here!

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