Literacy to Numeracy: Conversation driven play based learning!

Hefting and measuring weight was the focus for this learning experience. The children were read the story, ‘The Tale of the Turnip’. Teacher led discussion centred on how they hefted the enormous turnip. As part of our focus on measurement the children started to think about how to weigh different items. Jacinta my 4th year university Intern planned the lesson which involved the children lifting two items at a time to establish which was heavier. They worked in small cooperative groups predicting the order of various objects from lightest to heaviest. Then the children informally weighed the objects and checked their order. They worked as teams, discussing their predictions and then their actual findings. One student was overheard saying ‘one was big, but it was lighter than a small one’.




To finish the session each group shared their findings. All student reflections were recorded using the student’s language as said. Here are some of their thoughts…

‘The bucket was heavier than the book because the book didn’t have many pages’.

‘When you put a pencil on the book it makes it heavier’.

‘When something was heavy my hand went down’.

‘The drink bottle wasn’t very heavy but to make it heavier you would fill it to the very top’.

‘Jar was heavy because it was very full of counters. Without counters it wouldn’t be as heavy’.

‘The container was heavier than Bob Builder but the book was heavier than the pencil’.


This is a photo of Jacinta Matheson (4th year universityIntern) in action. My recent posts have reflected upon and showcased Jacinta’s planning and teaching practice. The children’s learning is in capable hands. Congratulations Jacinta!

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