Toy Story: IB – PYP How the world works… 5&6 Year Olds design & make a toy.

Transdisciplinary Theme: HOW THE WORLD WORKS

Central Idea: Toys have changed over time due to technology.

Key Concepts: Function & Change

Related Concepts: Communication & Transformation

Lines of Inquiry:

Toys are made of a variety of materials

Toys move in different ways

Technology has changed toys over time
My students are loving their inquiry into toys. They are in the process of designing their own toy and have started creating their toy after commencing their design brief. My Preps have designed their toy, inquired into various ways of joining their chosen materials, selected their materials and completed the first stage of making their toy prototype.

Cheers Nina


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2 responses to “Toy Story: IB – PYP How the world works… 5&6 Year Olds design & make a toy.

  1. Hello. I love your design brief booklet. Could you let me know the different pages in the design brief please?

  2. Jc

    You seem to do a lot of inquiry based teaching. Do you have any good information or resources on how to implement this effectively? Any info to share would be great!

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