Story Maps & Comprehension – Prep (5 & 6) Year Olds

Story Maps are a great comprehension tool for young learners. For this activity the children were read Little Red Riding Hood. These children were familiar with the text, having heard the story before. After reading the story to the children as a written text, not as a picture story book, the children were asked to draw a detailed map of Red Riding Hood’s journey representing the main parts of the story.

When their map was finished, they completed an activity where they were instructed to identify and draw in detail the beginning, middle and end of the story.

The children had previously completed this activity using the story, Who Sank the Boat? by Pamela Allen. Allowing the children to draw and talk about the story enables them to display an in depth understanding of the text, which can be limited by asking them to purely write. The children were engaged in the task.

Child One:

Child Two:

Child Three:

Story Maps: Who Sank The Boat by Pamela Allen

The space below each picture is where the teacher or child can record. I always read a text a minimum of three times before completing this activity.

Cheers Nina

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  1. Desiree Year 4 teacher.

    A structured and engaging Literacy activity incorporating many skills and strategies to show their understandings of the text.

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