Add this to my Top 10 post… The Visual Timer

I don’t advertise products in my blog, but I do share resources I find support my classroom program, and children. The resource I’m sharing is a visual timer clock. I use it to set a start and finish time for different activities, or to gently remind a student to stay on task. They love it! It also gives  children a sense of time. Time is a challenging concept for young learners. How long is one minute, ten minutes? Is it a long time or short time?

Cheers Nina


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4 responses to “Add this to my Top 10 post… The Visual Timer

  1. nina davis

    Hi Teachermum,
    This is my first award. Thank you for recognising my work. It is appreciated!
    Cheers Nina

  2. I have just awarded you with a Versatile Blogger Award for the work that you do and for your informative posts.

    You can find the link to my post over here:

  3. We have one of these in the Learning Centre where I work…they are brilliant.

    • nina davis

      I’ve had my timer for a few months, and now I’m after a couple more. So useful! Thanks for commenting!
      Cheers Nina .

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