The Leadership for Community Engagement Program funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Southern Metropolitan Region

This year I’ve been part of the Southern Metropolitan Region Community Engagement Project. As a participant of this project, I’ve been looking at different ways of engaging school community members at my school. The focus of this project is communication and leadership, and I’ve particularly enjoyed having the opportunity to interact with other participants working in different fields within the community e.g. physiotherapist etc.

Last week we had our graduation celebration at a local golf club which included a final presentation of my project. Having the opportunity to engage with, and learn about other professions working in the community has been integral to the success of this project.

Included in our sessions has been the opportunity to listen to three significant and esteemed leaders in their particular fields. The presenters gave wonderful and very personal insights into their career successes and challenges. Being able to listen to these personal reflections in a small group forum has been wonderful, and an opportunity that not all have.

I’d also like to thank the leaders of this project Dr. Anne Kennedy and Dr. Elizabeth Mellor for their expertise, continuous advice, stimulating discussion and humour. To my fellow participants, thank you for the great discussion and many laughs. You’re all leaders!

This project will be offered again in 2012 by application, and I would encourage those eligible to think seriously about applying for the 2012 program.

Cheers Nina

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