The Dophin Research Institute Incursion: Ben 10 from the institute is a Prep Hero!

This week we had a wonderful incursion. Ben 10 (named by 2008 Preps)  from The Dolphin Research Institute visited 2009 Preps to introduce them to the hidden treasures of Port Phillip Bay. The children were captivated by Ben’s passion, excitement and incredible knowledge about our bay. They watched amazing ‘snippit’ videos, built a rock pool and learnt about the food chain and what happens when the food chain is disrupted.  Use the link and visit their website and consider having Ben visit your students. Ben works with students of all ages. Ben 10 knows his picture will appear here. S5006578

Our next excursion with Ben 10 will be to our local beach for a ‘hands on’ exploration of  Moondah Beach rockpools.

Cheers Nina   & thanks Ben!

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