The Educator’s PLN- A personal learning network for educators…and it’s global!

I’ve joined a new ‘ning’ – The Educator’s PLN. I can see so many great people to connect with, learn from and ‘yes’, I’ll share where I can as well. There’s an ‘Aussie’ Group within the ‘ning’ and I’ve joined this group as well.  The PLN contains some great websites to visit, blogs and videos to watch.

Having a supportive network is important for me, because so many things are new. I need to have educators who are prepared to help me when I come up against a ‘brick wall’, which is often. People ask me ‘if I have a life?’. Yes, but I watch very little TV. Think about the hours some people spend watching TV. I believe my time spent using social networking to connect and learn is time well spent… and it’s social in its own way.

I’ve made contacts all over the world. Its made me realise how small the world really is and that our role as teachers is really the same no matter where in the world we teach. Now that’s profound!

Cheers Nina

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