Lazy Ozzie – Extending writing: Building oral language is crucial to writing development!


My Preps (5&6 year olds) have been using strategies to extend their writing. I read the wonderful story about Lazy Ozzie to them this week. It’s a repetitive text combined with a story. Just perfect for this task. The children were asked to retell the story read to them or write their own Lazy Ozzie story. I’ve been doing this activity since the beginning of the year and I’m thrilled with their efforts. I’m a huge supporter of Language Experience and believe that this approach/philosophy about how children learn has extended the ability of all children. I don’t believe it’s this cohort, as the writing of so many children in my grade is wonderful. Their reading and writing has developed from activities implemented daily which build oral language. Interactive writing, both student led and teacher led has also played a huge role and is one of the main strategies of the Language Experience approach.

Student 1.





Student 2.



Student 3.





Student 4.



I could keep on posting my children’s writing samples because they are wonderful.  If you have time read my previous posts from the beginning of the year and you’ll see how their writing has developed and the scaffolding strategies used a long the way. 

Cheers Nina 

P.S  I also am amazed that editing has become a natural part of the writing process for many of my students.


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4 responses to “Lazy Ozzie – Extending writing: Building oral language is crucial to writing development!

  1. averil2

    Have you looked at the post I’ve just written about my future teaching and learning. What do you think? I’ve just put it up tonight. Cheers Nina

  2. It would be exciting to hear what you notice about them as writers when you look at these pieces and how it will inform future lessons. This is work that I’ve been doing with teachers in different places this year, and to have a virtual example to share would be incredible. Not sure I’ve seen others post formative assessment work as you have here. So valuable to see their writing and read where they have come from….wondering what’s next now that you’ve seen these!

  3. I could keep looking at these all day too. Great example of how formative assessment can improve our work as teachers. I’m wondering what you took away from their work here that will inform how or what you will teach next. Can you share? I’d love to send some teachers I know this way to observe your reflective process : )))

    • averil2

      Hi Angela,
      What a great question. I’ve actually written up a post to explain how I’ve used their writing to inform my teaching and learning. I’m also asking for feedback from you. What have I missed? Thanks so much for commenting as I really value your opinion.
      Cheers Nina

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