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Adventures in Wiki-Land: Don’t let me near your wiki!

I mentioned in an earlier post that  I have been learning how to start and contribute to a wiki. Last week I joined two new wikis. I was granted membership and decided to start contributing. The wikis I joined have been set up by the Victorian Southern Metropolitan Region Ultranet coaches.  My adding things to wikis is interesting because ‘I really am a learner here’. For my first contribution I planted a video right in the middle of the front page of the peninsula wiki and had no idea how to move it. All I can say is I’m a learner and to others take the plunge, don’t be frightened to ‘have a go’ as there is always someone with the skills to fix anything that goes wrong. I received a lovely email welcoming me to the group and some instructions.  My video has moved to an appropriate part of the page and I now know how to move things and make tables. Just those few things I have learnt will enable me to organise the wiki I set up at school.



Have a look and join if you teach in the SMR.  Cheers Nina


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