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Mind Mapping with Preps – 5 & 6 Year Olds and I’m not out of my mind! Well…

I’ve been looking forward to introducing Mind Mapping to my Preps. They need to know how to build ideas and organise their thinking as much as the  older children. I’ve started with a very familiar topic – school. We brainstormed the branch titles and decided on Friends, Learning, Inquiry and Leaders. As a grade we are always talking about leadership, our learning, being a great friend and our Inquiry. It’s important for Preps to understand the complexities of school and the journey they are making. They love getting out their early work books and comparing them with what they can do now. I love the conversations they have and the sense of satisfaction that is obvious on their faces.

To help organise their thoughts we discussed using colors for each branch. This is our first go at Mind Mapping and I am very pleased with their  attempts. Mind Mapping will be a great tool to use for our inquiry into living and non living things. This is my second year in Prep and they are teaching me so much. The most important thing I have learnt is not to underestimate their capabilities.

I’ve removed the friendship section of these Mind Map as I don’t include my school name,  student names or photos in my blog.

Cheers Nina






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