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Wiki – aholic: This could be my ‘thing’!

My wiki journey has begun and I’m now a member of 5 wikis. I’ve even made 18 edits to one. Now, before anyone gets too excited many of those edits are my visits back into the page to correct things. Ummmm! I’ll get there. I have already learnt so much. My school wiki has had many of my staff join which is great. The issue is, at such a busy time of the year, I have to keep the momentum going. 

Susie an SMR Ultranet coach has joined our school wiki and is willing to share our journey. Getting teachers to play in a wiki is the start. Building confidence with Web 2.0 is the key and I know because I have been wearing L Plates all year. If teachers can use Web 2.0  tools, I know it will cross over to classrooms. Embedding these tools into our curriculum will strengthen student engagement and we know that students engaged in learning do better.

Thanks for following my journey. Visit my previous post and read the comments. Collaboration and support is an essential component of successful change.

Cheers Nina  This You Tube explains it all!  Oh, and thank you Jenny Luca for teaching me.


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