At what age do people discover they are a writer? My friend Sue is now a published writer…well on wordpress. Introducing: Bendy and Tash- Best friends, problem solvers & crime fighters! LOL :) Links here…

My close friend and teacher colleague has always loved writing. She’s written her school’s end of year play for many years, but like many writer’s hasn’t shared her other writing in broader forums.

Well this has changed! Sue laughingly now calls herself a published writer and she is. Yes, she has finally decided to be a risk taker, or you just get to that age where you do things for yourself and are not so concerned about what others’ think. A good place for a writer to be! 🙂

Sue has been writing about two characters Bendy and Tash. It’s a crime fighting spoof. The characters are based on Sue and her friend Sally. Yes, can’t say more than that.

Absolutely hilarious, with that Aussie sense of humour resonating through her words.

If you would like a laugh, then follow the link. No, we can’t google Tash and Bendy, but I’ve got a feeling we will soon. Link below:

Bendy and Tash: Best Friends, Problem Solvers & Crime Fighters


Bendy and Tash are on twitter, or you can contact them at


Cheers Nina


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