Wiki – aholic: This could be my ‘thing’!

My wiki journey has begun and I’m now a member of 5 wikis. I’ve even made 18 edits to one. Now, before anyone gets too excited many of those edits are my visits back into the page to correct things. Ummmm! I’ll get there. I have already learnt so much. My school wiki has had many of my staff join which is great. The issue is, at such a busy time of the year, I have to keep the momentum going. 

Susie an SMR Ultranet coach has joined our school wiki and is willing to share our journey. Getting teachers to play in a wiki is the start. Building confidence with Web 2.0 is the key and I know because I have been wearing L Plates all year. If teachers can use Web 2.0  tools, I know it will cross over to classrooms. Embedding these tools into our curriculum will strengthen student engagement and we know that students engaged in learning do better.

Thanks for following my journey. Visit my previous post and read the comments. Collaboration and support is an essential component of successful change.

Cheers Nina  This You Tube explains it all!  Oh, and thank you Jenny Luca for teaching me.


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4 responses to “Wiki – aholic: This could be my ‘thing’!

  1. averil2

    Hi Toby,
    We’re going to use a wiki as a group of teachers first, sounds like you’ve done more than me.
    I understand what you’re saying. I have those same thoughts. I think a wiki is a fantastic resource fully controlled by a teacher and used by students. It can be safer than kids using the net. Putting all the links into a wiki that the children can follow and view is probably the what I would do now, but I’ll need to check.
    I’ve been on the Web 2.0 journey myself, learning how to do everything.
    I think you’ve joined twitter, so you need to write something about yourself or people will think you’re a spammer. I can connect you to some people who are global wiki and blogging experts. They will know how to make it safe for kids. Twitter -don’t laugh- is the best place for support I’ve found. It just takes time to work it out.
    Thanks for the comment…and you are a member of the Peninsula ICT Network Wiki.
    Cheers Nina
    P.S Having a PLN supports the journey. I agree time is an issue.

  2. TobyP

    Hi Nina,
    I’ve been getting automatic emails from you because, I think, I’m a member of the Peninsula ICT network. I’ve not bothered much over the years with PLNs largely because of time constraint.

    I started using wiki with my 5-6s in 2006/7 and I really liked it. Never-ending stories were my favourite use.

    I stopped mainly because of security issues. I phoned DEET legal services and came away feeling very uneasy regarding the potential for cyberbullying out-of-school time and wikispaces had no feature to monitor private messaging. I figured with the impending release of the Ultranet I could wait a year (or 3!).

    I’m really interested in implementing some school-based Web 2.0. I tried the old Sharepoint and hated it but apparently it’s great now.

    We’ve been having major issues with our dowloads. DEET decided to link a whole bunch of sites (eg, ABC BTN) etc to their Connect page and although the kids love the sites they cost a fortune with all the Flash and videos.

    So basically because of security and cost I’m only going to let the students on server based application. Let me know if you’re using anything like this and I’ll keep in touch about what we’re doing. Sounds like your doing som great stuff. 🙂

  3. jennylu

    Happy to have been able to help you Nina. Experimenting and having a go is the key to good learning. Congratulations on making an impact!

    • averil2

      Hi Jenny,
      Thanks for helping me get started. I’d still be in the ‘don’t know what you don’t know’ land if you hadn’t mentored me. Now at least I know, I don’t know alot. hmm!
      Cheers Nina

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