Adventures in Wiki-Land: Don’t let me near your wiki!

I mentioned in an earlier post that  I have been learning how to start and contribute to a wiki. Last week I joined two new wikis. I was granted membership and decided to start contributing. The wikis I joined have been set up by the Victorian Southern Metropolitan Region Ultranet coaches.  My adding things to wikis is interesting because ‘I really am a learner here’. For my first contribution I planted a video right in the middle of the front page of the peninsula wiki and had no idea how to move it. All I can say is I’m a learner and to others take the plunge, don’t be frightened to ‘have a go’ as there is always someone with the skills to fix anything that goes wrong. I received a lovely email welcoming me to the group and some instructions.  My video has moved to an appropriate part of the page and I now know how to move things and make tables. Just those few things I have learnt will enable me to organise the wiki I set up at school. 

Have a look and join if you teach in the SMR.  Cheers Nina


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5 responses to “Adventures in Wiki-Land: Don’t let me near your wiki!

  1. SusieR

    Great Nina, I will wait to hear from you

  2. SusieR

    Sounds like a great idea Nina. I would love to work with you and staff. Email some date/time options for the next couple of weeks if you like.

    • averil2

      Sounds like a plan! I’ll chat to a few people and get back. Quite a number of staff are really keen to get going. I’ve started a wiki for the Language Arts Team and we’re going to learn there. If staff become confident in a teacher’s wiki, I’m sure it will flow into the classrooms. The boss is still working out how to join. ‘HeHe!’ I’ll send you the link so you can join and help sort out a few things. Great to have you working with us. Cheers Nina

  3. SusieR

    How exciting to be on the wiki journey!
    I would love to work with you and share the learning…..Send me an email and I’ll drop by if you like? Susie Rogers

    • averil2

      Hi Susie,
      You found my blog. I’ve been learning about Web 2.0 this year… and yes I’d love some help. I’m trying to get things rolling at school by getting the staff using a wiki. Jenny Luca has mentored me this year and I’m in a constant state of learning. I’ll email you and set up a time.
      Cheers Nina

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