Week 14: First Year Formal Education for Victorian Preps (5 & recently turned 6 Year Olds) Independent Writing

A very quick post because I’m writing school reports and I’m sorry about the photo quality… This is my Preps first year of schooling, most are 5 years of age and a small number are 6 years old. Some of my 5 year olds have only recently turned 5. This puts their writing development into perspective.

My Preps have just been on their first major whole day excursion to the Immigration Museum in the city. I’ve uploaded their independent writing about the day. To help them remember to put spaces between the words they used a small circular maths counter. This was perfect and didn’t interfere with their writing. This was so successful that my children will continue to use the space counter.


Their ‘freebie’ word for this writing piece was ‘Immigration Museum’. My Preps are using their knowledge of sounds and our THRASS chart when writing. I’m really excited by their progress. Each child is on their own journey and all are moving forward.

Cheers Nina


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2 responses to “Week 14: First Year Formal Education for Victorian Preps (5 & recently turned 6 Year Olds) Independent Writing

  1. averil2

    Hi Sue,
    The 2 fingers to encourage spaces just wasn’t working, so I had to come up with something else. I decided to try the small colored (sort of clear) maths counters, although some didn’t use clear ones and it didn’t seem to matter. This was my first experiment and it was so successful that I’ll use this strategy until spaces are embedded. These counters are very flat, unlike fingers.
    The freebie word is great and they learn to be very selective over time. I also remove all traces of demonstration as well, but they have a number of strategies and tools now. Preps don’t seem to refer to ‘things’ up around them anyway, however they do go to the THRASS charts. I’ll explain more…
    The formation of letters is probably due to my BeeGees disco dance – think AHHHH Stay on the line -instead of Staying Alive. I teach writing through all curriculum areas and keep looking for the tranfer, I also am using WALT so the focus is explicit. You probably use these.
    THRASS is only one strategy. There are a group of children who are thriving on THRASS and others who need a mix of strategies. I’m introducing THRASS as a reference and am doing my own thing in terms of its implementation. Always appreciate your comments and I’m looking forward to hearing how your students find using a space counter.
    Cheers Nina
    P.S I’d much rather do this than write reports.

  2. Sue

    Hi Nina, I love the idea of a space counter!!! What a brilliant thought! I will try it out tomorrow and let you know how I go. This is exciting as I have been messing about using 2 fingers to encourage spaces with new writers for years. I will also try the ‘freebie’ too. I am usually quite mean and remove all traces of my demonstration writing before they start. I love the formation of letters and knowledge of sounds demonstrated in your prep writing. Do you put this success down to Thrass? Have you noticed a difference this year? I am inspired now. Can’t wait to try this idea. I will let you know how my Preps react tomorrow. Keep on blogging, I just love reading your entries. Congratulations and well done.

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