The Writing Spacer: Better than two fingers!

I’ve had a lot of feedback about this very simple idea… and it works! I’m encouraging all children to use the writing spacer until they feel confident about leaving spaces between words. Here’s a couple of images showing the type of counters they’re using. These counters are colored but clear.

Cheers Nina


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8 responses to “The Writing Spacer: Better than two fingers!

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  3. averil2

    Hi Jenny,
    Yes, been a while! Reports are nearly finished so I’ll be moving out of the ‘land of challenge’ and into the ‘land of nice’.
    Cheers Nina

  4. jennylu

    What a great, practical idea for teachers. Sometimes it’s the very simple things in life that make all the difference, isn’t it. We must catch up!!

  5. Thanks Nina I’ll forward this link onto my early years team leaders.

    • averil2

      Hi Mark,
      I always appreciate comments. My blog is where I reflect on and share my teaching and learning. I get a lot of emails (more than comments) which often direct my posts. This week I’m working with 6 teachers in my classroom from another school and being able to refer them here works well. Thanks for visiting.
      Cheers Nina

  6. Sue

    Hi Nina, What brilliant ideas….writing spacer and freebies. We are all converts and just loving the results after just 1 day. A quick discussion this morning fired up our Junior school staff to explore the use of your writing spacer and include ‘the freebie’. By recess, staff were sharing examples of what had occured in their classroom and talking about the differences using such a simple idea! We are now going to include frequent words as freebies as well. I have organised a Prep information night on Wednesday for new parents and I am going to map the progress made in writing so far as you suggested last year . Another great idea!
    Many thanks…more later.

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