24 Days of Formal Education in Australia: Writing Development – 4 & 5 Year Olds.

I had a few teachers visit this week and as I tend to plan Student Led Interactive Writing on a Thursday, I thought it would be great for our visitors to see this teaching strategy in action. The children came up with the sentence – When the bell goes don’t be late. Quite an ambitious sentence to compose, but it was their sentence and that’s important. They have a number of strategies to help them with their writing now, but it is the collaborative nature of this strategy which makes it powerful. They are learning to prompt each other at present. When the children are confidently leading this strategy, I will start taking a group for Teacher Led Interactive Writing while the other groups are writing. The teacher led group will target students with similar learning needs.

As we only have two weeks of this term left,  I’m hoping to be able to start this next term. We have four terms in Australia and I can’t believe term one is nearly over. This group of children have been at school for 38 days. I’m very pleased with their progress.

On Friday the children wrote journal entries for their independent writing. I’m always  looking for the transfer of teaching and learning into their independent writing. All my students are moving forward with their reading and writing. Language Experience is the approach of choice – ‘give it a go’ if you’re not already using this approach.

Photo 1 Text: I love doing puzzles at school.

Photo 2 Text: You do school work on a DS.

Photo 3 Text: My friend came to my house.

 Just a quick post! This week our Preps will attend school for 5 days. It will be their first full week at school.

Cheers Nina  ‘Whoops’ – only 24 days!


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2 responses to “24 Days of Formal Education in Australia: Writing Development – 4 & 5 Year Olds.

  1. Michelle Liddle

    I was one of the group of teachers visiting your classroom to see the student led interactive writing session. It was delightful to listen to the students work with each other to develop their writing, such rich conversations about their letter and word knowledge.Thank you so much for the opportunity to watch you in action. Your passion has clearly inspired us to develop our prep writing program further.

    • averil2

      Hi Michelle,
      It was actually only 24 days of formal education, I don’t know where I got 38 from. Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment here. I told my preps how proud I was of them and what great writers they are. We’re celebrating anything written at the moment – whether it’s an initial sound, a word or a sentence. I love using Interactive Writing (Teacher & Student Led) and have found this the ‘under-rated strategy’, but also one of the best for young & older children. I’m seeing the transfer of teaching & learning into their independent writing. It’s one of the main strategies used in the Language Experience Approach. Their knowledge is also crossing over to their reading which is developing well. It’s not about the numbers on books for me, it’s about their enjoyment and that comes from being able to comprehend what they’re reading. This will improve student/school data. I got your email and would love to work with your teachers. Once again thanks for commenting.
      Cheers Nina

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