20 000 visits: Amazing…Thanks for the visits, comments and emails!

I originally started this blog as part of my ‘Professional Development Plan’ for 2009. Learning about Web 2.0 was important to me and I wanted my learning to be authentic. I also felt that if I wanted to teach in this century, I needed to start understanding social networking tools and their place in education. I’d been listening to Jenny Luca talk about what she was doing and I was slowly being introduced to a whole new langauge. I asked Jenny to mentor me… and I’m sure many of you know Jenny’s work and can understand that this was a great opportunity. Thanks Jenny!

Initially, I was unsure whether anybody would visit, comment, challenge or share with me. I have found that I regularly receive all. I love it when other educators challenge my ideas, respond or ask me to elaborate. I’ve had many strange looks when someone says, ‘Nina has a blog’. I’ve got past that… I write to reflect and reflect to write. I support teachers and I’ve had some great mail from teachers who are excited and  most importantly have shared their ideas with me. There are some fantastic educators ‘out there’ who are passionate about engaging students, improving learning outcomes and sharing what they do.

My outlook now is ‘global’. I regularly share with educators from many countries and have found that we’re all trying to do the same thing – provide the best opportunities for our students. My confidence in using social media has grown exponentially.

Yesterday, I attended Day 2 of  TPL-Teacher Professional Leave. My colleague and I are immersing ourselves in the e5 Instructional Model, Instructional Rounds and What is Best Practice in Literacy & Numeracy? We’ll  be starting a ‘ning‘ which I’ll be posting about soon and I hope you join. We’ve also been included in an Instructional Rounds Professional Development – 20 or so principals from our region, my colleague and me. ‘Ah, yeah’, we’re the classroom teachers…. should be fantastic. We’re so pleased to be included in this group. What an opportunity! This post is really a thank you to those educators ‘out there’ who take the time to encourage others and often go under the radar.

Here’s a photo from our day in the city. That’s me in the middle. Thanks Kaye & Catherine from the Australian Centre for Effective Partnerships (ACEP) for a great day!

Cheers Nina


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4 responses to “20 000 visits: Amazing…Thanks for the visits, comments and emails!

  1. maverickmindonline

    I saw something on Twitter about your blog and clicked to check it out. Nice work Nina!

    • averil2

      Hi and thanks for the supportive comment. I’ve found maintaining this blog has improved my teaching and learning. I see myself as a learner and have also found twitter great.
      Cheers Nina

  2. Glad you are here, Nina! I learn much from you : )

    • averil2

      Hi Angela,
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I thought reaching 20 000 was significant and decided to post it. I’m still amazed at how this blog has enabled me to connect with such great educators, like you!
      Cheers Nina

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