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Instructional Rounds-Best Teacher Practice-The e5 Instructional Model PLN – Ning: Take a look, join and discover with us what all this looks like in practice.

The ‘ning’ is up! Jenni and I spent a day of our Teacher Professional Leave (TPL) creating this ‘ning’. Teacher Professional Leave (TPL) through the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development in Victoria, Australia has given us the opportunity to explore best practice.

To record, share and work collaboratively with other educators we have started a ‘ning’. Today was ‘full on’ as we explored this platform. Working a ‘ning’ is new to us both, but we’ve done it and I would have to say we used our problem solving skills admirably. Lots still to learn, like how to edit a comment when you have a spelling (typo) staring you in the face – and sent to someone significant. I must say that our learning has been in an authentic arena and yes, I can spell arena.

We’ll be chatting to Jenny Luca to sort out a few issues, however, I’m posting this because we are excited and would like others to join. You can contribute or sit back and watch. Here is the link: Instructional Rounds- Best Teacher Practice- The e5 Instructional Model PLN ning. 

Support us here and join our ‘ning’. Be part of our journey and see what we can do together!

Cheers Nina

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