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Are we ready for Generation Alpha? You can’t be my teacher…

Babies born from 2010 are Generation Alpha and many will be commencing formal schooling in 2015. That’s not long…Are we ready or are you ready?  These children will come from smaller families, will have been exposed to many forms of entertainment and will already be used to and using many forms of technology. As a generation, they will work longer than any other generation and will have a number of careers.

I’m writing this in response to a video shared with me. Something about this video made me stop and think. I’m already seeing a change in our young students. They are not frightened of technology, expecting to be taught and come to school with many expectations about what they will do and learn.

Do we have the skills to teach and engage these children? How can we skill ourselves to meet their needs? How comfortable do you feel about your practice?

Hmm! Now that’s confronting.

Cheers Nina


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