ANZAC DAY 2014: JD – 7 & 8 year old students reflect through writing and creating

Understanding the meaning of ANZAC Day is important for my young learners. Our school has a special assembly which all students attend. Using picture story books is the way I build their understanding of this day. As Australia is a multi-cultural nation I prefer to recognise all soldiers who served for their countries.
This year I’ve read a number of books to my students with our main activity based on My Grandad Marches on Anzac Day by Catriona Hoy and Benjamin Johnson.
Each year I try to do something a little different. I love the simple illustrations in this book and use them to inspire a creative activity. My students wrote about ANZAC Day, with a number of examples posted below.

ANZAC & JD 042

ANZAC & JD 024

ANZAC & JD 027

ANZAC & JD 034

ANZAC & JD 065

ANZAC & JD 066

ANZAC & JD 067

ANZAC & JD 068

ANZAC & JD 072

My students are in the process of self -editing their writing.

ANZAC & JD 049

ANZAC & JD 050

ANZAC & JD 051

ANZAC & JD 057

ANZAC & JD 058

ANZAC & JD 059

ANZAC & JD 061

ANZAC & JD 062

ANZAC & JD 063

Lest we forget!

Cheers Nina

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  1. Was just surfing for ideas on how to teach children writing. Great work you are doing.

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