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Fellowship Program: Western New York – Angela Stockman

I’m very excited to take on a fellowship program under the guidence of Angela Stockman. Victorian teachers have a new Performance Development Plan as part of our teacher review process. My study / project has to be relevant, challenging, inspire me, and provide an opportunity for me to improve my teaching, and share¬†my learning¬†with colleagues.

September: Idea Development for Action Research Project
October: Organizing Your Process and Work Using Grounded Theory Methodology
November-February: Investigation and Inquiry Work, Data Collection, Analyses, and Hypotheses
March-May: Preparing to Publish Your Work
June: Publication and Celebration

Cheers Nina

Next Post: My Writer’s Workshop program and my Writer’s Tool Program.


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The Education Review- May issue: The Education Blogger Nina Davis by Cathy Weaver

I was contacted by Cathy Weaver, a journalist earlier this year who was writing an article for the Education Review.

Not a minute to spare. How much of teachers’ precious time should be spent on non-teaching activities? A new report explores the question and industry leaders respond.

I was pleased that Cathy had found my blog so easily because I don’t use SEO or key words. I write to reflect on my teaching and to share my learning and experiences with teachers. I’ve recently (yesterday) finished draft one of my reports so will spend some time during the next few days sharing here.

Education Review

I sent a couple of photos for the article and this is the less formal one. I’m actually hugging a baby alpaca.

Cheers Nina


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