Fellowship Program: Western New York – Angela Stockman

I’m very excited to take on a fellowship program under the guidence of Angela Stockman. Victorian teachers have a new Performance Development Plan as part of our teacher review process. My study / project has to be relevant, challenging, inspire me, and provide an opportunity for me to improve my teaching, and share my learning with colleagues.

September: Idea Development for Action Research Project
October: Organizing Your Process and Work Using Grounded Theory Methodology
November-February: Investigation and Inquiry Work, Data Collection, Analyses, and Hypotheses
March-May: Preparing to Publish Your Work
June: Publication and Celebration

Cheers Nina

Next Post: My Writer’s Workshop program and my Writer’s Tool Program.


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7 responses to “Fellowship Program: Western New York – Angela Stockman

  1. Lucy Lewis

    Hi Nina

    I love your blog posts. Just wondering when you are posting about Your Writer’s Workshop program and your Writer’s Tool Program?


    • nina davis

      Hi Lucy,
      Last week my students started setting up their Writer’s Notebook and Writer’s Toolkit. The Writer’s Toolkit is where anything to do with writing will go and I’m having a Reading Toolkit as well. I learnt quite a bit last year about what works and what doesn’t. My kids are really keen to get going which is great.
      I have students just out of Prep and my Year 2s just want to get moving.
      I’ll be using the writing toolkit with the younger students bar a few because some are just writing a sentence. This group are beginning writers and need a lot of support. The beginning of the year is huge but I’m resisting a fast pace and concentrating on wellbeing first. Building a culture of trust so that my young writers feel comfortable putting pencil to paper. I’m working with a couple of reluctant writers and watching them have a go is great. I’ll be posting more this year. Thanks for the comment and stay in touch.
      Cheers Nina

  2. I’m so grateful to have you learning beside us this year, Nina! Just caught this post. Looking forward to being better connected this year!

    • nina davis

      Back writing again and loving it. I’m the learner here! Thanks for supporting me… so many ideas! So many ways I can improve… So what are the five crucial behaviours, five understandings and five skill sets a young writer must have?
      Cheers Nina

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  4. markwalker

    Congratulations and best of luck on the project!

    • nina davis

      Thanks Mark,
      Times beautifully with our new PDP. Relevant and worthwhile. Will also be completing a smaller project with Edna Sackson aka Whatedsaid. Keep me busy and out of trouble.
      Cheers Nina

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