My little blog where I reflect on my teaching and learning has just ‘cranked’ over 50 000 views. I’m an Australian educator trying to keep in touch with the world!

My little blog where I reflect on what I do just ‘cranked’ over 50 000 views. Not bad for a teacher of 4, 5 and 6 year olds in Australia. I’ve just commenced my 3rd year of blogging, which in itself amazes me. I try to post something each week which illustrates the development of my students, my improving practice, new ideas I’m trialling, and what is helping me develop into the teacher I want to be for myself and my students. And I’m not there yet! 

Since writing this blog my confidence in myself as an educator has grown. I now put my hand up for things I might not have before. I have a self belief in my practice, I except that I’m a learner, I’m a reflective practitioner, and I understand that change and professional growth are the ‘constant’ in this profession! I’m grounded in my understanding and belief in ‘how children learn best’, and… I’m a constructivist. I wouldn’t have been able to articulate that several years ago, and I’d been teaching for many years. My philosophy wasn’t grounded!

My blog is my ‘enabler’, and by this I mean it has enabled me to collaborate and connect with educators locally, nationally and globally. My learning is not limited by borders. I can ‘tap’ into and learn from the world’s finest educators anywhere from my computer in Victoria, Australia. Where to from here? Who knows? I actually feel that my career is just beginning, and that’s an exciting place to be. Any suggestions welcome! I’m open!

Thanks for visiting, leaving a comment, or sharing your practice with me.

Cheers Nina


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16 responses to “My little blog where I reflect on my teaching and learning has just ‘cranked’ over 50 000 views. I’m an Australian educator trying to keep in touch with the world!

  1. jennylu

    Congrats Nina. I’m a bit late to the party here, but wanted you to know that you’ve done a wonderful job with your blog. It’s remarkable what benefits can come from sharing your knowledge with others. Good luck with the ongoing journey. : )

  2. nina davis

    Hi Maria,
    Great question! My numeracy program actually mirrors my literacy. I start with questions: What is a number? Why? What is a pattern? Why do we count? Every learning experience starts with a question and involves inquiry, discovery, experience and authentic purpose. I’m always on the look out for misconceptions. Literacy and numeracy go ‘hand in hand’. Perhaps it’s time to write about numeracy. Thanks for the comment. Got me thinking!
    Cheers Nina

  3. Maria Spice

    Hey there Nina, great blog!!! Just wandering what your numeracy program consists of. All this literacy stuff is wonderful and oral language is a vital part of the numeracy program. Would really love some inspiration in that dpeartment.
    Cheers Maria Spice.

  4. Cortnee

    Hi Nina,
    I am a post-grad student in Sydney and wanted to say hi 🙂 I have just found your blog and have pretty much read the entire thing today!!! I finish my course in June and will be a “real teacher” and this blog has been so informative, helpful and very inspirational! Thanks!

    • nina davis

      Hi Cortnee,
      Congratualations for choosing teaching! That’s quite a bit of reading today! And thanks for the great feedback. I stress that I’m a learner here too. I’m constantly trying to do things ‘better’. I hope that comes across in my blog. Keep visiting, and thank you for leaving a comment.
      Cheers Nina

  5. Kylie

    Hi Nina,
    I’m so excited to find an Australian junior primary teacher who is blogging about their work AND inquiry learning. I work in a year 1/2 classroom in South Australia, we are currently in the authorisation phase of becoming and IBO school. I’m always looking for new ideas and ways of thinking, especially with inquiry learning.
    Keep em coming 🙂
    p.s. do you have any links to other Aussie educators who are blogging about early years classrooms?

    • nina davis

      Hi Kylie,
      Thanks for the supportive feedback. It’s great to hear from a teacher on the same IB-PYP journey. It amazes me how many people actually read my ‘little’ blog. I’m a learner in IB terms. I have really changed my practice and this is evident when reading my blog. Everything I teach starts with a question. I’m really into finding out prior knowledge, misconceptions and letting them discover through inquiry.
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!
      Cheers Nina

  6. Sue-Ellen Timcke

    Hello Nina
    I’m a postgraduate student and I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m up to my eyeballs with reading various theories and professional readings, but always make time to read your posts. I have found your tips and refelctions far more interesting and practical than some of my university readings!
    Keep up the good work.

    • nina davis

      Hi Sue-Ellen,
      Thanks for the supportive comment. I had to write a paper recently and I referenced a blog writer. Web 2.0 and beyond has changed educational research and who and what we read. Self publishing is opening a new fronteir, and I’m seeing more educational writers using this form of publishing.
      It’s also about audience. I write to share my practice with other teachers. It’s practical, and it’s also research. More ‘Action Research’ – I trial, evaluate and improve. What is your post graduate research about? I’d like to know, if you are happy to share.
      However, I’m glad you visit my space. Once again thanks for commenting. It is appreciated!
      Cheers Nina

  7. Hi Nina, Congratulations! I’ve only just found your blog and look forward to your future posts.

  8. Maru

    I enjoy following you in your improving practice and students’ development. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • nina davis

      Hi Maru,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. It is very much appreciated. My practice since I started this blog, around the same time as I started the IB-PYP journey has certainly changed. My understanding of the ‘concept based curriculum’ has changed how I teach, and I think my blog reflects this.
      Once agin thanks for visiting! Cheers Nina

  9. I have been sharing your blog with my primary teachers and my principal, especially the writing! Thanks for your blog! Keep it coming.

    • nina davis

      Hi Cheryl,
      I gather from the wordpress info that you are an American educator. That’s what I mean about education ‘having no borders’. My time interacting with educators globally reinforces that although there are system differences, the ‘what’ & ‘how’ we teach is pretty much the same.
      We’re all trying to improve learning outcomes for our students, engage them in their learning, enable them to develop life long skills and attitudes …and improve our own practice through professional development and deprivatization along the way.
      Each year, my practice changes and it should. That’s the ‘constant’.
      Thanks for visiting, and leaving a comment. I appreciate this!
      Cheers Nina

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