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It’s week 6 of my 4&5 Year Olds First Year of Formal Education: Independent Writing – Monday’s Journal!

My young writers truly inspire me. Just watching these very young children put their learning into practice is wonderful. They’re searching for letters, hunting for words, starting to prompt each other, using the tool cards, giving writing spacers a ‘real go’ and ‘thinking aloud’. They are engaged, and there is even a little bit of amazement when I read back  what they have written. It’s that look of wonder, and that realization that what they’re writing can be read. This is a quick post, but it’s really rewarding to be their teacher. They are teaching me!


I love this final writing sample. This student had so much to write, was completely engaged, and read this back with ‘gusto’.  One child wrote two linked sentences, amd this is independent writing. And yes we still have time to play!

Cheers Nina


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