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My little blog where I reflect on my teaching and learning has just ‘cranked’ over 50 000 views. I’m an Australian educator trying to keep in touch with the world!

My little blog where I reflect on what I do just ‘cranked’ over 50 000 views. Not bad for a teacher of 4, 5 and 6 year olds in Australia. I’ve just commenced my 3rd year of blogging, which in itself amazes me. I try to post something each week which illustrates the development of my students, my improving practice, new ideas I’m trialling, and what is helping me develop into the teacher I want to be for myself and my students. And I’m not there yet! 

Since writing this blog my confidence in myself as an educator has grown. I now put my hand up for things I might not have before. I have a self belief in my practice, I except that I’m a learner, I’m a reflective practitioner, and I understand that change and professional growth are the ‘constant’ in this profession! I’m grounded in my understanding and belief in ‘how children learn best’, and… I’m a constructivist. I wouldn’t have been able to articulate that several years ago, and I’d been teaching for many years. My philosophy wasn’t grounded!

My blog is my ‘enabler’, and by this I mean it has enabled me to collaborate and connect with educators locally, nationally and globally. My learning is not limited by borders. I can ‘tap’ into and learn from the world’s finest educators anywhere from my computer in Victoria, Australia. Where to from here? Who knows? I actually feel that my career is just beginning, and that’s an exciting place to be. Any suggestions welcome! I’m open!

Thanks for visiting, leaving a comment, or sharing your practice with me.

Cheers Nina


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