Term 4 – PrepD Student Led Interactive Writing: French Day

Last week my school had French day to celebrate ‘all things French’. Our students learn French from week one of Prep. Young children learn a new language with ease, compared to adult learners. The children had a wonderful morning full of activities provided by French-speaking members of the community. They watched a French children’s film, played petanque, completed a French style painting among other activities. The children were asked to dress in French colors, or as something French. A special French lunch was ordered by our students.

This was a great opportunity to plan a PrepD Student Led Interactive Writing session as all children were involved in the day. A common experience (Language Experience) is needed for this writing strategy. This group of children are now composing their own text. As always, I’m looking for the transfer of my teaching in  their writing. My mantra is, just because I’ve taught it doesn’t mean they’ve learnt it. I have to look for evidence of my teaching and their learning. Reviewing their compositions informs my teaching. Each child is identified by a color. Names are recorded down the side in a chosen color.

The PM exemplar structure is evident in their writing and this group of children are able to articulate the WILF (what I’m looking for) and WALT (we are learning to) for the Recount genre. I love the fact that they are confidently using simple and some complex punctuation.

Cheers Nina

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