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Instructional Rounds Principal Group Evaluation 2011.

As part of my Teacher Professional Leave (TPL), my TPL partner and I were asked to organise the evaluation of the Central Peninsula Principal’s Network Instructional Rounds Program. We’ve been part of this group for a year, and were also members of the initial Southern Metropolitan Region Instructional Rounds Pilot Program -2010.

We met with a local principal and a city principal to discuss the format of this evaluation and the information being sought. The evaluation needed to elicit the information required in a short time frame.

We decided to use Survey Monkey and create an on-line questionnaire to be completed by this group of principals. Survey Monkey has many options for structuring questions and is ‘user friendly’. Once a survey is created, a link is provided, and this link is sent out via email using a distribution list (DL).

The information gathered was used to direct this group’s professional development and the meeting structure for 2012. This outcome of this survey was presented and discussed by this group. My TPL partner and I created a PowerPoint for this presentation. The slideshow is posted below.

If you would like to know more about Instructional Rounds Australia (Victoria) please follow this link:

Cheers Nina

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Literature and children: Why a book is a wonderful gift.

I’ve always loved reading and today I found one of the first books  I received as a gift from someone outside my family. I still remember being given the book for my sixth birthday. I was also was given the album, which I have in a box somewhere. The book was given to me by my father’s friend Walter McVitty. This book has travelled with me, been read to my children and has been kept safe for over 4 decades. I’m not sure if Walter would remember giving me this book, but the fact that I still have it shows how much I enjoyed it as a child.

My message: Despite the array of technological toys and online books available, hard copy books that require children to turn pages are still a wonderful gift.

Cheers Nina


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