Literature and children: Why a book is a wonderful gift.

I’ve always loved reading and today I found one of the first books  I received as a gift from someone outside my family. I still remember being given the book for my sixth birthday. I was also was given the album, which I have in a box somewhere. The book was given to me by my father’s friend Walter McVitty. This book has travelled with me, been read to my children and has been kept safe for over 4 decades. I’m not sure if Walter would remember giving me this book, but the fact that I still have it shows how much I enjoyed it as a child.

My message: Despite the array of technological toys and online books available, hard copy books that require children to turn pages are still a wonderful gift.

Cheers Nina


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4 responses to “Literature and children: Why a book is a wonderful gift.

  1. Elizabeth Whild

    Nina, I recently found my favorite book online, after print on this book was discontinued. It doesn’t have the personal message in the front cover from my Grade 1 teacher Mrs Day, but as I read ‘the magic fish’ to my 4 children, I can still hear her voice. A book is my favorite gift to give now, although as a child, every birthday party my mum would wrap a book to give….. I couldn’t hide my disappointment…. the latest toy seemed more appealing to the birthday child. I never knew why my mother insisted on giving a book…. now as a mother of 4 children, I also can’t bring myself to give anything else. My children recieve a book every christmas from their childcare ‘teachers’ and it gives them such joy. I now have 4 full bookcases of children’s books, and with Reuben Oscar only 1, there will be plenty more bookcases to come. Many teachers give christmas gifts to their students, I hope the book tradition continues for my children. One I will surely start when I get into a classroom for my first post graduate class in 4 years time. Thankyou for sparking such wonderful memories in us all. ~ Elizabeth Whild.

    • nina davis

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. This is my little reflection, sharing space on the web. It’s great to see you here.
      I’ve noticed that many country towns have turned their libraries into shops and I often wonder if and how often children go to the library now in those towns.
      Our local libraries are busy places for people to meet, a haven for the elderly and activity hub for young children. With on-line reading these days, I wonder about the future of hard copy books and all libraries. There’s something very tactile about handling a book and something I hope continues for children. I see value in both.
      I also know the love your children have for books, as I’ve read many stories to one particular young boy and will be reading many to another soon.
      Looking forward to catching up….
      Cheers Nina

  2. As much as things change, readers still respond to the magic of words, the rhythm and the laughter, the sense of climax wrapped in a book. This is tranferrable energy. A book gifted is a ticket to the world of the reader. Books given allow the young reader to soak in the reading experience over and over again. Nina it is so good to hear you sharing this childhood experience. It’s impact for you as a reader is incalculable. it is a gift that has kept on giving.
    Alan Wright
    Education Consultant and Author

    • nina davis

      Hi Alan,
      If I have this right, I can still hear Ann calling out AL down the corridor of A. It’s great you found my space in the web. You might like to read my posts on PrepD Student Led Interactive writing. This is a strategy I’ve been developing for three years. The results have been amazing in terms of the reading and writing development of my students. Acceleration with deep comprehension and engagement.
      Thanks for leaving a comment Alan and I agree with all you’ve written. I’ve also done quite a few presentations & have been contacted by publishers.
      Cheers Nina

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