Teaching Adjectives to Prep Students (5&6 Year Olds) – ‘Colouring In’ Words

A quick post: Today my students focussed on adjectives. Adjectives are introduced as colouring in words. My students understand we colour our pictures in to make them interesting and exciting for ourselves and others.

Introducing adjectives using this explanation works for this age group. The children and I completed several examples together. The example
sentences were: I have a dog. I have a kite. These sentences definitely needed colouring in.

After completing focus examples the children had to independently complete the activity. Their sentence was, I have a cat. I’ve included a number of random examples. This activity needs to be completed many times, it’s quick, and the children enjoyed sharing one of their coloured in sentences.

I’ll be looking for the transfer of my teaching in my students work. Just because I’ve taught something doesn’t mean they’ve learnt it. So important to remember!

Cheers Nina

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