Numeracy: Graphing – Column Graph

Last week my students explored collecting and graphing data. As a grade we collected data on our pets. My students learnt how to tally up the results and represent the tally on a simple column graph. The children were asked to draw conclusions from the graphs once completed. They were also asked to explain why information is presented in graph form.

My student’s conclusions as said:

Collingwood has the most

Collingwood got 6 and Hawthorn got 4

The most popular team is Collingwood.

The least – less popular teams are Geelong and Richmond.

The 2nd most popular team is Hawthorn.

The 3rd most popular teams are Essendon and Brisbane.

Geelong and Richmond are both ones.

St Kilda and Geelong have nearly the same amount of numbers.

Essendon and Brisbane have the same amount of numbers.

Brisbane and Essendon are the same.

Brisbane has nearly the same amount as Hawthorn.

St Kilda has 2 and Geelong has 1

Hawthorn nearly has the same as Collingwood. It just needed 3 more.

Collingwood won and has 6

Some of the teams have the same, some do not.

Collingwood is the big one.

St Kilda is nearly the last but Geelong is.

Geelong and Richmond have the least number.

Brisbane has got on top of Hawthorn.

Cheers Nina

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