Week 4- Term 1 2012 Preps (5 Year Olds) are developing confidence and ‘having a go’ at writing.

The school term is well underway and it’s busy. Each year I know my practise is changing. Having a clear understanding of what is explicit teaching and what is FUT (fill up time) enables me to clearly plan tasks which address the broad learning needs of this group (differentiate). Introducing WALT – ‘We are learning to’ and this week WILF – ‘What I’m looking for’ is ensuring tasks are planned to move my student’s learning forward. Our IB-PYP attitude focus is ‘confidence’, and being confident ‘to have a go’ is crucial for these young learners.

Confidence: feeling confident in their ability as learners, having the courage to take risks, applying what they have learned and making appropriate decisions and choices

Young writers (5&6 Year Olds) need confidence to put their pencil to paper and draw upon their existing understandings to record a simple recount. Taking the apprehension out of the task of writing requires discussion and trust on the part of the child that their effort will be valued. Constructive feedback is desired by this group. This age group continue to amaze me with their wise thoughts. They encourage each other, display persistence and ‘have a go’.
The writing examples provided evidence the transfer of learning. It’s the transfer of what has been taught that I am looking for. We are focusing on recounting an experience.

Cheers Nina

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