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Prep (4& 5 Year Olds) Independent Journal Writing – Journal Entry 1 – 2012

Today my Preps were given their first independent journal writing book. I could see the excitement… and apprehension on their faces. We talked about ‘having a go’, thinking about the sounds they could hear in words, looked at the alphabet tool card and revisted what a sentence, word and letter is.

We talked about riding their bikes and how they had to practise. Some still had training wheels and others didn’t, but if they practised they’d get better and better. I always tell them that I’ve been writing a long time and I’m still learning and getting better. This impressed them!

So knowing that they were going to have plenty of practise and that I would write out their sentence when they’d finished, every child had a go. I was impressed by their first efforts.

Cheers Nina


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