Introducing Rowena Wiseman: Author & JD Class Parent

This year I discovered that one of my student’s parents is a published author. As any writer knows getting published isn’t easy but  the love of writing comes first. This is what we  want to inspire in young writers.
This post introduces Rowena Wiseman and I’m excited to share our conversations here.
 Rowena Wiseman:-  I’ve been writing pretty seriously for 10 years now, so I’m so excited to have had these 6 books picked up, as well as a novel coming out later in the year ‘Exit Stage Left’ by Merge Publishing in the US, as well as my novelette ‘Bequest’ that’s just come out with Tenebris Books. I’m proud to have been able to show my kids not to give up – to keep trying at things and eventually it may pay off! My daughter said to me last year that she wanted to become a publisher, so that she could publish my books! How sweet is that?!
 Rowena explains:-
Aunty Arty is a series of chapter books for junior readers. Frieda’s Aunty Arty has a sheet of magical round red stickers that can transport them into a famous work of art. Their adventures take them to Italy, where they meet live statues with strange heads, China, where they laugh along with seven smiling men all named Yue and to a dance studio, where they encounter a troupe of old, angry women who never want to give up dancing. Along the way, Frieda’s siblings learn about jealousy, bravery and not wanting to grow up too fast.
Astro Circus Kids is a series for early readers that traces the exciting world of four kids growing up in the circus. Estrella performs on the aerial hoop, twins Buster and Lexi have an act with twelve dancing dogs and Mia is just starting out as a performer in the Astro Circus Show. Will they be able to save the circus when all the props disappear one day? Sausage the Clown is feeling miserable and doesn’t want to perform, will they be able to cheer him up? And will Mia be able to find the right circus act for her?
Jet Black Publishing is a new children’s ebook publisher based in Melbourne. Their mission is to publish inspirational and creative stories for children and young adults and they are donating 20% of the sales to children’s literacy charities, such as the Australian Children’s Literacy & Numeracy Foundation.
Book pictures
(Above) Draft Illustrations: Ray Eckermann
Rowena concludes:-
I work at an art gallery as an editor, so a lot of my inspiration comes from working there – especially for the Aunty Arty series. I’m absolutely loving working with the two illustrators on these books – as it merges my two great loves, art and literature!! Narelda Joy is illustrating Aunty Arty and Ray Eckermann is illustrating the Astro Circus Kids.
A final word from me…
Teaching writing is my passion! My students see themselves as writers and know the importance of reading. They love to read too! Having a published writer as a parent is wonderful and something I’ll be sharing with my students.
Cheers Nina


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  1. Jeffrey Warren

    I have another general book of short stories titled “Almost Saved by New York,” and they’re three memoirs as follows:” We are Going to Hawaii,” about when my famliy moved there and my dad was a developer and dug up King Kamehameha I bones and much more. ” living in Mendocino County,” and finally ” “Almost saved by New York.” they are funny because they have to be. Do you know a publisher that might be interested? By the way, how is it it down-under? I live up-over and Ihate it here! So, there! Thank you, Jeffrey Warren.

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