Future Learning: How do we prepare our students for the unknown?

There are so many questions and beliefs in this presentation. While watching I’ve been making key notes and I’ve listed these below:

Education – needs to be world class. We have an obligation to the next generation.

My Questions
How do I motivate students?
What for?
What are obsolete skills?
What are life skills?
Do I actively engage students?
Do I provide a reason for my students to learn?
Am a providing a ‘higher order’ thinking curriculum?
Am I allowing for self-directed learning?
Play and learning and the blurry line between.

Sugata Mitra believes…
Three key needs for students for the future:
1. Reading Comprehension
2. Information search and retrieval skills
3. How to believe.

What are your thoughts?

Thought for my day: Spellcheckers will not replace human eyes. I’ve corrected my errors!

Cheers Nina

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