Our Claim: Inquiry is constructivist! Our Staff Meeting tonight…

Today the Inquiry Professional Learning Team (which I am a member of) led the first of three staff meetings on inquiry.
Our Goals:

To develop a common understanding of what Inquiry looks like at our school using an inquiry approach.
To provoke thinking that may influence practice.

We hear a about project based learning, inquiry based learning, etc… What does that mean? What does it look like when schools shift away from “drill and kill” learning towards big ideas, questions, and “no right answer” kind of learning?

Our Claim: Inquiry is constructivist

Staff viewed the first 4 minutes of Piaget speaking about the constructivist theory.

The feedback from staff has been very positive and considering we’ve had a school Walkathon and whole school transition session today this is fantastic!

If you were asked the following question: What is Inquiry Learning? What would be your answer?

Cheers Nina

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